Producing and broadcasting For Radio Ads includeing voice-over recording , Commercial background music & Sound Mixage.
Tv Ads
Producing and broadcasting For Tv advertisements.
Logo Design
Impressive visual trademarks that identify your brand and reflect the values of your corporate.
Corporate identity
Corporate's visual identity has a significant role in the way an organization presents itself to interested and potential stakeholders.
Providing Search Engine Optimization service which will enable you to arrange your website on top of Google search results.
Search Engine Marketing: paid advertisements enable you to contact more potential clients and customers.
Design & printing formal papers such as business cards, invoices, and brochures.
Web Design
Our web designs are created with passion to make your website more responsive and functional with user interfaces. 
Exhibition Stands
Advertising Stands such ( Promotion Table - Roll up - Pop up stand - X banner - Brochure Stand ).
Pop Up
Fixed Height stand 230cm & different widths with any custom sizes.
NAB Advertising
Drawing your Success !
Usability, Visibility, Flexibility, Aesthetics and Creativity
About Us

NAB Advertising Agency is an (Egyptian) Agency established in 2009. We draw guidelines of your corporate identity following these steps:

Design and implement your logo and its applications – these are called your advertising identity which present you as unique and make your advertisement unforgettable. This step is a result of thorough study of colors and its codes that related to printing and their effects on the eye. This is also related to the national identity and the trade activity after choosing the slogan and finally identifying the advertising media which will meet your needs most. 

Exhibition Stands
Advertising Stands such ( Promotion Table - Roll up - Pop up stand - X banner - Brochure Stand ).
Pop Up
Fixed Height stand 230cm & different widths with any custom sizes.

 -  exhibitions booth design, exhibition Advertising Stands ( Promotion Stand - Roll up - Pop up stand - triple stand - X banner - L banner - Brochure Stand )



Different types of stands for companies, exhibitions and conferences. 


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All stands are characterized by two things those stands can be used easily as they can be assembled and disassemble in a very simplicity way.

Also all the stands can be put in a bag that can be carried easily on your shoulder from one event to another without facing any kind of difficulties and without asking for a specialist or a technician to help you to combine its parts together.

Various kinds of display stands which are provided by nab advertising company as well as designing and printing the advertising message on all stands.

In this article we will know about different kinds of stands, including roll up, Promotion table and the brochure metal and acrylic stands 


roll up | Roll up standpop up stand | X banner stand | x banner outdoor | Promotion table Stand | brochure stand |triple screen banner stand 


"roll up stand"

We print on the stand using banner or glossy or 3d material. 



Various dimensions of roll up stands 

 60*160 "roll up stand"

 80*200 "roll up stand"

 85*200 "roll up stand"

 100*200 "roll up stand"

 120*200 "roll up stand"

 1.5*200 "roll up stand"


Components of the roll up 



 Roll up D

In this form of roll up stand we will notice that its legs take the shape of letter D or a semi circular form. Indeed this type considered as the finest type of roll up.  




   Spider Stand banner

The sticks of the spider stand take the shape of x from the back which helps the customer to install the banner easily. 






spider display stand outdoor


This type of spider stand is used out door and it is different from the rest kinds of stands as it comes out with a base that can filled with water or sand to give the stand weight and makes it stable also to resist air

Advantage of spider stand out door:-

- Used in closed places and in open one as it can be used in exhibition, different events, clubs even it can be used in front of the swimming pools as it can resist air

- This X-banner stand is adjustable in dimensions so you can change the size to be 160*60 or 180*80

- Two messages can be installed instead of one on the x banner as it used from both sides.

- The outdoor stand is so easy to use and to move it from place to another. 


x banner outdoor





 Promotional Stand


It is a table that made up of acrylic pieces. Literally the advertising message is printed on the bottom of the promotion table while the logo or the name of the company is printed on the top.  It is used in the preparation of the exhibitions, companies and shops. also it's used as a stand to carry products as well as a presentation stand that helps you showing offers and different activities as a kind of advertisement.

Also it has an internal shelf that allows you to place your products or the advertising materials on it.  



حامل بروموشن تيبل  





 flag banner stand


The flag banner has a base that filled with water or sand to make a weight to give stability to the stand so it allows the customer to use the stand in open places such as swimming pools, hotels, clubs and beaches.  Also the flying banner stand can be used in front of exhibition gates. Its height ranges from 310 to 560.



     Tear and knife flying banner flags 








Catalog Shelf

brochure & Flayer stand 

In this photo presents an aluminum catalogue holder and an acrylic one.

The aluminum shelf is easy to be folded and opened.  it is characterized by different points like that it is consist of aluminum and acrylic also it can hold sheets and folders from both sides while the acrylic shelf is characterized by a single side of transparent acrylic holders with stalisteel base indeed those catalogue shelves can carry a large quantity of flyers, brochures and pamphlets. 


حامل كتيبات ومطبوعات حامل كتيبات ومطبوعات



Black Catalog Shelf ( Brochure Stand )

The black acrylic brochure holder consists of acrylic pockets and black base where you can print or paste the logo of the institution.

This brochure stand is characterized by its low cost compared by the rest of the brochures. 

steel acrylic holder

حامل كتيبات ومطبوعات




Brochure stand ( for Magazines )

- here you have space to print your logo on it .

 بروشور ستاند بروشور ستاند



Circle light box

فانوس اضاءة جانبي مع الطباعه

فانوس اضاءة بيضاوي


Popup Stand 

Click here to read more about the Popup stand

بوب اب ستاند , pop up stand



Visit our company to  view the stands in our show room

For more information you can contact us on: 01123986926



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