pop up counter stand


popup counter stand

pop up counter stand article content:

1- what is pop up counter?

2- what is material of printing?

3- How to install ?

4- other stands can use with popup counterstands?


1- what is pop up counter stand?

pop up counter stand

– popup counter stand use as front office in conference or exhibition

– also you can put inside it the flyers or (samples of your product) in it’s Shelf.

– no needed for Technical to install.

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2- what is the material of printing?

– PVC with vinil + lamination, and you can Choose between shine and matte lamination.


3- How to install  pop up counter?

popup counter stands


4- other stand can use with popup counter stand?

pop up stand :

– use as background in conference or exhibition or festival.

– variable sizes start from 190X230cm

– Available with many shapes (carved , striate , L shape )

pop up stands

counter stand

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this article was written by: Dina Elkordi – nab advertising agency


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