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1- Web Design service from nab advertising
2- Dynamic site samples 
3-  kind of Web Design
4- Some links to sites we have implemented


Web design , SEO , SEM and Social media
Once you’ve gotten a domain and decided on your URL, you can start planning your site.
You just need to decide which kind would you like to Builde you web site in different kinds such , Static , dinamic and CMS
NAB work with all about the planning and creation of websites
using HTML , CSS , JavaScript, and even web marketing and strategy.



1- Web Design service from nab advertising

If you Deside to have a simple and fast web in CMS (WordPress) WE offer you Template samples

so we can finish works within only one week

What are the advantages of designing DYNAMIC sites at NAB:
1- Speed of implementation.

2- The customer is also given a control panel that enables him to manage the site, add and delete easily.

3- The interfaces also correspond to the view of all devices (mobile tablet).

4- Also elegant mobile or fixed facades.

5- Our prices are not competitive.

6- We also have highly professional and creative designers.

2- Dynamic site Template :

Just choose from the models displayed on our page and we will change colors as well we will add your logo in a way that suits the nature of your business and your tastes.

Web Design

Web Design
Web Design


Web Design
Web Design


Web Design
Web Design


Web Design
Web Design


Web Design
Web Design


Web Design
Web Design



3-  kind of Web Design:

Your site is an online encounter toward the local and outside communities.
Your site is your savior employee who speaks on your behalf with one individual or more in the same moment.

Also this employee can work 24 hours a day without being tired or bored or having any complaint as well as it will cost you nothing.
Your successful site is able to attract, retain more customers, and make them observe your site
and to follow your news continuously.
Below we will show you the most important points that explain the basics and the concepts of web designs in addition to showing the differences between the statics, dynamics and flash sites:-


Firstly, the static web designs:-
A site with specific number of pages ranging from 4 up to 8 pages that is translated into one or two or more and this is turns to the owner of the web site himself.
And to allocate a domain for the owner and e-mails for the staff to be a formal
and this email will be a formal one that can be useful for a particular institution or company or individual.
Also the site can be modified either by the company which designed the site or by the owner of the site. If he is good enough to deal with the HTML language or the programs which can modify the continent of the site especially the texts in the site, but he cannot add new pages.

Web Design

The static sites are characterized by:-
_ It doesn’t need its data to be continuously updated
_ This type of sites costs low price and it is finished and executed in a very short time.
The static sites are suitable for:-
_ The owners of fixed activities don’t need to update their site statements continuously like doctors and or lawyers offices or institutions.


Secondly, dynamic website designs:-
This site is similar to the static site in its front and its design.
But the different lies in the programming language that allows the owner of the site
to log in by the name and password to make him update the data easily or to add continents as pictures or pages or videos of easy to use interface

that don’t need from him to know a back ground of any programming language .
The website programmed in PHP and java script language
The dynamic sites are characterized by:

This type suit for the owners of large activities or changing products business or shops that change its merchandise or import and export companies

As well as the major companies which keen on providing its customers with the latest news and offers or the sites of news which updated its articles throughout the day Where it is characterized by easy to use interface which allows for the owner or the responsible for administration on the web site to modify the data with some keys such as adding articles or adding pages or adding photos etc.

Thus you can modify the contact details, demands of jobs and the working groups or any other content you want to modify or delete at anytime without going back to the programmer or to the company which designed the website.


For example the manger can put more than one director for the website according to the number of the department and every director has the powers of editing certain sections with a password and a certain name for each supervisor or director on specific department

Also the owner of the site can choose the places for the supervisors of the sections by simple orders like choosing a password for every supervisor.

In addition to make a search engine inside the site for a data base or for a list of companies, websites or goods.
Frankly, the possibilities of what can be done by the dynamic site is endless
Whereas whatever the owner of the site wants to control or add
like the contents of the pages, new pages and videos are specifically programmed for each client
according to his desire and according to the targets of the site and its requirements.

Web Design

Thirdly, flash web design
1- This kind of sites is characterized by making offers of animations,
impressive flash and either audio or lyrical background flashy site which gives the visitor an unforgettable impression of the effects within the site

2- This kind of sites fits with some of propaganda sites or montage or film directing or technical institutions that wants to have its impression or that wants to review its business in an impressive and flash catching way.

3- This kind of sites has different disadvantages:

A: The cost of the site is high as it needs to be built in a way that needs to be presented with animated cartoons and action scripts

B: The text contents doesn’t appear easily in the famous search engines such as yahoo, Google and Bing therefore it is difficult to market the site electronically


May be some of the users face difficulties while viewing the site if they haven’t download the flash player
This kind of sites requires a relatively high speed internet to move between the webpages quickly without waiting for download,

which may take a while, therefore, you may lose both a large segment of people who surfs your site or the expecting customers
After we reviewed all sites that nab company provide in terms of design or programming services.


4- Some links to sites we have implemented inside and outside Egypt:

Some of the sites implemented by NAB Advertising can also be viewed by companies and institutions inside and outside Egypt by clicking on the following links:








NAB Advertising now has a distinguished group of professional designers and programmers with a high degree of innovation and creativity to design your own site that fits your own character away from ready-made templates.
The cost of this type of site is also determined by your design parameters.
This type of site adds a touch of excellence and creativity to your company as it is your own and not used with ready-made models.

Call now – Egypt :  01228535118





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