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with full description of size and contents of the popup stand in Egypt

Pop Up counter:

Lightweight quick to assemble portable pop up counters

Nab company for stands makes designs and prints exhibition stands

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Pop up stand from nab advertising company

– Selling, designing and printing pop up stand in a very high quality

– We delivered you the stand in excellent conditions

– Easy to install, dismantle, and move the pop up stand to participate in any exhibition at any time

– All purposes of the pop up are available: PVC ,magnetic,bag and Spotlights

– The hard acrylic case is available for multiple traveler with guarantee for three years … it can be used as counter stand (printed counter ) in front of the pop up also you can requested as shown in the following picture

– also the Popup Counter counter is available as a piece that allowed the speaker to stand behind

– Nab company offers you printing pop up indoor with high quality and glossy or matte lamination

* Nab company recommends that in the case of bright design it will be better to use matte lamination and in the case of dark design, the shape will be better with the glossy lamination.

However the dark design has two deflects firstly when you take photos during events and exhibitions the glossy lamination affects the clarity of the image. Secondly, reassemble ad assemble of the PVC slides create micro scratches which appears clearly unlike the matte lamination


Nab company offers display stands of various shapes and types for preparation of exhibitions, companies, offices and shops in order to promote and displace services and products

Actually, in this article we will identify different types of display or exhibitions and companies stands

Straight pop up stand (metal) + hard Case bag


Different sizes of pop up stands which vary according to the following kinds:

– 2*3 pop up stand ….> the graphic size is 230cm height*274cm width while the actual size after putting the slides will be 230 cm height *190cm width

– 3*3 pop up stand …..> The graphic size is 230*344 while the actual size after putting the slides will be 230cm height *260 cm width

– 3*4 pop up stand …..> The graphic size is 230*414 while the actual size after putting the slides will be 230cm height *330 cm width

* The units of pop up can be increased in the width according to customer request, as we can implement 3*5 pop up, 3*6 or even 3*9

* Indeed there is a difference between the graphical and actual size because of the two slides in both sides of the pop up it takes the shape of two half circles so it doesn’t count from the total area

* Also, these figures are for the units not for the meters whereas the width of the unit is 70 cm and the height of it is 77 cm But the width of the slides on both sides is 67cm

* The size of the width of the curve pop up and the straight one is totally different where as the slide of the curve pop up id 70 cm while the slide of the straight pop up is 75cm but for the 2 end slides from the both sides of the pop up are marked by the same width in the cure or straight pop up which equal 67cm



Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand



For graphic designers, you can view and download the general guide which shows the different dimensions and formats of the pop up design from this link

Literally graphic designers must be aware of the last two slides from the right and the left sides of the pop up should not contain any thing important of the design in fact this is because a large area of the slide background is wasted as a large part of it is rested in the back of the stand it self ….if it is necessary to use part of the those slides then 25cm only of the slide can be used whereas the rest of the slide will be completely hidden in the back of the stand.

Important note: it is preferable to decrease the paragraph which located between the cutting parts of the longitudinal slides. and in the case it is essential to make word which exist between two slides then the designer needs to make the cut line to be located in the distance between letters, figures or logo whereas we try our best to align the character with the rest of it .


Hard case (platform) :

In the picture below, the hard acrylic bag which is used as a pop up case and a clip board with 10 years guarantee

Also it is used at the same time as a counter. The hard acrylic bag is requested separately

The top of the cover has internal space that surrounded by sponge where you can keep the searchlights safely.

Also it has wheels from the back that helps you to drag it easily after putting the pop up parts on it.

The dimensions of the hard acrylic case is 100 cm height x 70cm width x79.5cm depth while the graphic size in the case of printing is 186cm width x 79.5 cm height

Hard case
Hard case

Bearing in mind that the design must be placed only in 50cm of the total area and the rest of the area will be the ground of the design as it is wasted in the circulation of the PVC so it is not necessary to put something vital from the message or the logo of the design

Hard case
Hard case



Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand



Many customers are asking about the complete shape of the pop up this picture will show how to combine its parts together.



The content of the pop up display stand

Pop up Metal body , magnetic ribbon (roll) , PVC slides , Spotlight , a set of pop up stand metal bars and (stiffener-hanger)



Circle light box:

Circle light box


Hard Cover Case:

which takes a square or circular shape.

Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand



The right method to put the pop up metal bars

A set of slices comes with the pop stand that used to print the design on it


Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand


 Pop up counter stand :

This platform is totally different from the hard acrylic bag as it is more wider and more lower also it cannot be used as a bag and after the event it can be dismantlement it like the pop up


Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand

The following video explains how to install the Pop Up Stand





Why to buy the pop up stand from nab company?

1. Our goods are prepared and ready for immediate receipt.  We don’t act as a commercial broker.

2. We have the pop up parts and those parts are with 10years warranty.

3. We have the lowest prices of the pop up in the Egyptian market.

4. The straight pop up comes out with metal legs to make it stand with high stability that other companies don’t have.

5. In the case of implementation of pop up we guarantee that the slides of the pop up are equal in size that gives you a proper form of the design.

6. Double face tape in Pop up components is made of ( 3M brand ) which we add to it an additional kind of glue to be sure that the components of the pop up won’t disintegrate in the future.

7. We Give you A guarantee 5 year in addition we have all spare parts of the Pop up

8. we offer you to print both sides of the popup stand such like the below photo :

Pop up Stand
Pop up Stand
It will be our honored if you visit us on the company’s headquarters to see the stands in the showroom


contact us :  01228535118



We will provide you with Nab company All options

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