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1- The concept of (social media).

2- (Social Media).

3-  ads.


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Social media is not only a mean of expression or leisure but it was able to manage by using its interactive and diffusivity speed also by using strength to attract major institutions and political movements through managing its advertisement or its contents or its official pages .

In addition to that Wikipedia, blogger, Google plus, twitter, and the forums are considered as one of the social media means

As well as the most famous and effective one is the face book which extends even to the major sites of news that allows people to comment on its news and these comments gives other people who viewed your site the chance to focus on the important news and neglect others .also these comments give an impression reactions from both the comment’s readers or from the site which manages professionally or deletes the random comments or deletes it according to his orientation. Therefore the comments and management of it became as an important point in shaping public opinion.


Definitely social media was changed from posted pictures and comments into professionalism and one of the most important knowledge of marketing at how to manage pages and the reciprocity, free or paid advertisement on it.

Plus the idea of how to get the analysis tools that help marketers to monitor the results and to get the indexing tools that make a marketer chooses carefully the advertisements which appears to him and which are not according to his interests or age group or the gender or the geographic area where it became from complicated idea to one of the modern science networks in how to bring visitors and possible clients plus keeping them always in touch in addition to follow up semi-permanent  for the latest deals and the news either organization or individual

It has now become clear and obvious that the social media is not fading as the government s, corporations and global institutions which mentioned within the “fortune” magazine’s list for the top 500 global enterprise all of which rely on social media as basic part of the product of both the mix marketing and communication plans.

Actually social media is not confined by adding pages on face book or twitter but extends to the process of listening and understanding customers also to engage in real dialogue with them.

Hence, nab works for propaganda and by providing counseling for your company in the field of social media strategy not only to help your company to engage in social media but also to organize carefully your institutional goals and to gain positive benefits.

Since our company is your partner in social media we give you a clear view of the complex technical and social topics, presenting in details the strategy ideas and tactical points that suit your company.

Thus our company tries to help with its consulting services that we offer the answer to most of the common questions which posed by companies or institutions that seek to join the convoy of social media.

It was an honor for Nab Company to market for many products for major companies, institutions and individuals via forums and face book site

Now we are running popular pages on face book that attracted nearly by half a million members and we hope in the pages that we manage to get soon more than millions of members.

In recent times, social has become the focus of our attention, especially among young people, and social media platforms have become of great importance and play an important and influential role in our lives, what is Sushil Media.

1- The concept of social media :

Social is an online platform that is browsed through computers as well as mobile or tablets.

Social platforms also allow their browsers to quickly and easily share ideas, documents, photos and videos anywhere in the world.

Today, more than three billion people use social , and  it have become an important place to make paid adds.

With NAB Advertising, we enable you to design your ad by developing a successful and thoughtful strategy where your ad in a few seconds reaches thousands of people and helps increase sales and thus increase profits.


2- Social Media types:

Social platforms are divided into two types:

1- Social networking sites:

These are electronic platforms that allow people to communicate through them, such as Facebook and Twitter.

2- Content creation sites:

sites that upload shared content, such as YouTube, a video specialist, as well as Flicker, which specializes in images.

Social Media
Social Media

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3- Social ads:

Social has become an essential part of marketing and NAB Advertising has marketed many products, companies and through social.

The company designs the ad as well as develops a well-thought-out strategy on scientific basis for marketing to target customers.

For example, the age group of  audience and  the sex is determined by both males, females or two,

and personal interests that may make the public a potential client are identified.

NAB Advertising also activates funded ads on social platforms such as:

YouTube, as well as Facebook Facebook, plus Twitter

It was an honor for Nab Company to market for many products for major companies, institutions and individuals via face book site


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